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Fenders for cars: Explanation, Main Functions

As an inevitable part of pretty much every vehicle, fenders for cars have two purposes, aesthetical and practical. Their main purpose is to keep the car from things like dirt, mud, etc. from throwing them into the air by tires. These are some of the most common replacement parts in the automotive aftermarket.

Types of Fenders

There are several types of these parts around. The most common fenders are quarter panels. In British English, they are commonly known as front and rear wings. These wrap around the wheelhouse and represent one of the essential body panels. The part that keeps a heartland of every car from rocks, dirt, mud and other things is called inner shield. Inner fenders are usually made of some more durable material and they are integral parts of SUV and truck vehicles. Also, there are moldings or liners, which frame the wheel well.  Finally, we have fender shields, commonly known as cycle wing. These are not very popular nowadays but were a common thing among old, narrow-body sports cars.

Top 5 Manufacturers for Car Fenders

It is hard to find manufacturer specialized for this part of the car in particular. Most of the famous brands usually cover a complete body kit program, along with various kinds of accessories. Here are some of the most renowned companies that have a wide offer of custom fit fenders. One of the companies that offer a wide fender program is AMD – Auto Metal Direct. Sherman and K-Metal are also highly-reputable manufacturers. Omix Ada has been specialized for the off-road program, while Detroit Speed offers a wide range of innerfenders.

Fenders: Materials

Materials for fenders are numerous in modern automotive industry. Of course, sheet metal is the most common. Still, materials like fiberglass, ABS plastic, carbon fiber and others are used as well. Finally, moldings are often made of chrome.