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Seat Belts: Explanation, Main Functions

Your possibilities of survival from a car accident increase considerably if you're wearing the seat belt appropriately. Seat belts keep you in position upon impact. The occupants of car, truck or SUV who are not restrained properly may cause significant injuries to themselves, the driver, or other people in the auto throughout a collision.

Materials For Making

Nylon is one of the most robust artificial fibers, it doesn’t rot as rapidly and it doesn’t extend as much. Also, it is comfortable and smooth to touch since it doesn't leave tough ends of the fibers embedded in weave. Therefore, the seat belt webbing material is manufactured from woven and polyester from around 1 weft strand and 300-warp strands. Seat belt material properties are exactly like polyester. It will be best to choose seat belts that come with replacement guarantee. On the other hand, make sure that there are extender, extension, and shoulder pads available while you make the purchase.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers:


    For the maximum quality seat belts, the SeatBeltSolutions offers a range of seat belts and kits to choose from. All the seat belts are highly durable and comfortable.


    SafetySystemsIndia is a top supplier and manufacturer of safety items such as Seat Belts, Steering Wheel and Airbags for the new generation cars.


    SafetyBeltServices has an array of seatbelts which are manufactured with the colored webbing to get high visibility. SafetyBeltServices provides the best products for your car.


    LiftLash offers safety belts intended for cars, army vehicles, ambulances and security vehicles. This manufacturer provides retractable lap seat belts for your automotive.


    SeatBeltPlanet is the global leader in the custom fit and aftermarket seat belt production. This company offers a number of seat belt accessories for auto.