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Racing seats: Explanation, Main Functions

Racing seats are essential items giving a driver extra comfort and safety thanks to the reclining, fixed back, and all-terrain seats. You can find a suitable design and get the desired assistance with a custom fit car seat.

This is the car accessory that should support the driver’s body and fit inside the confines of the vehicle. On the other hand, such seats must be lightweight.

Types Of Racing Seats

There most common ones are the following:

  • Reclining seats, which are good for the owners of a racing street car.
  • Fixed-back seats: to the even more major racer, it is the popular choice as a racing car seat.
  • Suspension Seats: this is the ideal model for the off-road excursions.
  • Bench Seats: it might be less typical than other types, but also highly functional.

Not to mention, manufacturers produce the buckets, bolsters, restraints and hans items, all of which are available in most stores.

Most Used Materials

Surface materials differ, whether they're leather, microfiber, or mesh fabric. You need to balance stickiness, durability, and cosiness. A leather cover can be very durable and comfortable, but you may slide around much less in the fabric seat.

Leather, leatherette, suede, fabric, kevlar and carbon fiber are the prime materials used to make a racing seat. Due to the best materials, the racing seats can provide the optimum comfort and performance.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers:


    The Joie of Seating is the sole race seat supplier, whose goods are manufactured and designed by a professional racing car driver. This brand provides custom fit car accessories for your automotive.


    Sparco USA have been on the top rated list of racing seat development in recent times.


    Covers and racing seats entirely are in-house at the advanced manufacturing facility with a quality workmanship. This company uses only the best quality materials for making the racing seats.


    MasterCraft Safety has manufactured and engineered high-performance racing, recreational, UTV, and all-terrain suspension seats since 1970.


    IztechKart goods are designed with advanced composites to offer maximum performance with superior comfort and ease to let you help drive at the best.